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Don’t Ignore Your Pain Symptoms – It Could Be a Stress Fracture

By Lee Diehl, MD, AOSSM 04/25/2019, 12:00pm MDT

Currently, MRI is the most commonly used imaging to look for or confirm the presence of stress fractures.

Drinking Water Might Help Kids Limit Soda

By Lisa Rapaport, KFGO 04/25/2019, 12:00pm MDT

"Water is the healthiest drink people can consume, which is critical" for physical and mental health, 

What ESPN Has to Do With Improving Health

By Bruce Y. Lee, Forbes 04/24/2019, 12:00pm MDT

Of course, sports can be fun and entertaining and has evolved into a big business. However, when played appropriately, sports can also be an important health intervention.

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